domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Looking for bugs


Vinci by Mystycat =^..^= (+/- OFF )
Vinci, a photo by Mystycat =^..^= (+/- OFF ) on Flickr.


Tank by Tanktheterrier
Tank, a photo by Tanktheterrier on Flickr.

DSC_5185© Rain-drenched strawberry

♪ after the rain ♪

♪ after the rain ♪ by tubasa-wings
♪ after the rain ♪, a photo by tubasa-wings on Flickr.

Valdaora (Olang):Tipico maso della Val Pusteria (Typical farmhouse in the Val Pusteria)

~ Mama & Ducklings~

Ma Poussy :-)

Ma Poussy :-) by Jogabi-Michèle
Ma Poussy :-), a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

A-Flight Of The Pelicans-Jean Kohut (2)

Lost in Paradise [ EXPLORED ]

Gull on the Wing

Gull on the Wing by hpromise-Jean Kohut'
Gull on the Wing, a photo by hpromise-Jean Kohut' on Flickr.

DSC_4658. Caught in the act!


DSC07059 by Tammi Connard
DSC07059, a photo by Tammi Connard on Flickr.


Grand Héron - Great blue Heron ... Lasalle...13 Juin 2013 034

** Occupée... **

** Occupée... ** by impatience_1
** Occupée... **, a photo by impatience_1 on Flickr.


Mayo_1913 by musymas
Mayo_1913, a photo by musymas on Flickr.

Le joli minois de ma Poussy - On explore # 298

Posing Fynn

Posing Fynn by FocusPocus Photography
Posing Fynn, a photo by FocusPocus Photography on Flickr.

Little Blue butterfly.

Little Blue butterfly. by babygreys
Little Blue butterfly., a photo by babygreys on Flickr.

Ruddy Daggerwing looks like a leaf when it's closed

Gondolas in Venice - Gondole a Venezia

Gulf Frittilary flies quickly and shows a flash of silver

Trencrom Hillfort (National Trust),Cornwall

Ma Poussy

Ma Poussy by Jogabi-Michèle
Ma Poussy, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Dans le cerisier

Dans le cerisier by Jogabi-Michèle
Dans le cerisier, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Acadia 017

Sigma 8 16 test 1

Sigma 8 16 test 1 by Davide Comotti
Sigma 8 16 test 1, a photo by Davide Comotti on Flickr.

Summer colours

Summer colours by sarniebill1
Summer colours, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.


Usedom... by ZbigD
Usedom..., a photo by ZbigD on Flickr.

Sweet Treat Inside

6/12A ~ "Ouch"

6/12A ~ "Ouch" by ellenc995
6/12A ~ "Ouch", a photo by ellenc995 on Flickr.

IMG_8529 Snake River Overlook

** belles pierres... ** - 24

On lookout duties

On lookout duties by Jamo224
On lookout duties, a photo by Jamo224 on Flickr.

La laguna tinta di blu

La laguna tinta di blu by -samuel-
La laguna tinta di blu, a photo by -samuel- on Flickr.


SUNRISE GLOW by jgspics
SUNRISE GLOW, a photo by jgspics on Flickr.

Cyanocitta cristata

Cyanocitta cristata by Renda ...
Cyanocitta cristata, a photo by Renda ... on Flickr.


Kitten by 1989juni
Kitten, a photo by 1989juni on Flickr.

Coin coin = Bon dimanche !

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden (53)

Summer contentment

Summer contentment by apwilliam
Summer contentment, a photo by apwilliam on Flickr.

Friday's Hummingbird Nest: Feeding Time

gardener's joy - blue Iris

gardener's joy - blue Iris by rafischatz
gardener's joy - blue Iris, a photo by rafischatz on Flickr.


Koolzaadveld by nikjanssen
Koolzaadveld, a photo by nikjanssen on Flickr.

Poppy(Subtle colors)

Poppy(Subtle colors) by T.takako
Poppy(Subtle colors), a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

Old Croachy Crofthouse.

Old Croachy Crofthouse. by Gordie Broon.
Old Croachy Crofthouse., a photo by Gordie Broon. on Flickr.

Collaboration (2)

Collaboration (2) by T.takako
Collaboration (2), a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

West Pier,St.Ives,Cornwall

Flamingo's black beak almost disappears into dark background