quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012


lisianto by Digo_Souza
lisianto, a photo by Digo_Souza on Flickr.

City Dreams

City Dreams by RMILLARES
City Dreams, a photo by RMILLARES on Flickr.


Shyness by -clicking-
Shyness, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

Hi there!.....have a wonderful day!

Sands of time

Sands of time by -clicking-
Sands of time, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

Coal harbour Vancouver!

Coal harbour Vancouver! by Edith Hoffman
Coal harbour Vancouver!, a photo by Edith Hoffman on Flickr.

Around sunrise

Around sunrise by joeke pieters
Around sunrise, a photo by joeke pieters on Flickr.


Love-shyness by -clicking-
Love-shyness, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Chegou a Primavera

Chegou a Primavera by Paula C Alves
Chegou a Primavera, a photo by Paula C Alves on Flickr.

Gazaneas num rodopio em laranja intenso!

Spring light

Spring light by Sanunas
Spring light, a photo by Sanunas on Flickr.

389e vivid wonder

389e  vivid wonder by jjjj56cp
389e vivid wonder, a photo by jjjj56cp on Flickr.

Gourmande mésange


Spring!! by T.takako
Spring!!, a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

Oliveiras (XIII)

Oliveiras (XIII) by Transmontano
Oliveiras (XIII), a photo by Transmontano on Flickr.

terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

Giăng tơ đón nắng

Giăng tơ đón nắng by Ha Hai
Giăng tơ đón nắng, a photo by Ha Hai on Flickr.

IMG_3561 Roosevelt Elk, Redwood National and State Parks

Day dreaming

Day dreaming by Denise Caron
Day dreaming, a photo by Denise Caron on Flickr.

We all have our own opinions


Leo by archifra -francesco de vincenzi-
Leo, a photo by archifra -francesco de vincenzi- on Flickr.

Red-legged Honneycreeper

Bathing Beauty

Bathing Beauty by HinesFamilyPictures
Bathing Beauty, a photo by HinesFamilyPictures on Flickr.

Chaton de Kyria

Chaton de Kyria by Jogabi-Michèle
Chaton de Kyria, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Sweet Spring

Sweet Spring by ZedZap
Sweet Spring, a photo by ZedZap on Flickr.

Alone on Dal Lake, Srinagar

Alone on Dal Lake, Srinagar by fish-bone
Alone on Dal Lake, Srinagar, a photo by fish-bone on Flickr.


FLOWING NICELY, a photo by jgspics on Flickr.


Lucky by Kevin Council
Lucky, a photo by Kevin Council on Flickr.


Crocus by meduze
Crocus, a photo by meduze on Flickr.

The Show Must Go On ... !, Explored 24.03.2012, # 283

Sunset on Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir

(Explored) - Apidae

(Explored) -  Apidae by Mick E. Talbot
(Explored) - Apidae, a photo by Mick E. Talbot on Flickr.

Dahlia detail. View on black.

Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule by Denise Caron
Purple Gallinule, a photo by Denise Caron on Flickr.

domingo, 25 de março de 2012

The new lake,

The new lake,  by Henny in Denmark
The new lake, , a photo by Henny in Denmark on Flickr.

Xuân đến - Spring arrived

Xuân đến - Spring arrived by Ha Hai
Xuân đến - Spring arrived, a photo by Ha Hai on Flickr.


Fickle Fish Eagle

Fickle Fish Eagle by Rainbirder
Fickle Fish Eagle, a photo by Rainbirder on Flickr.

Amwell Tit

Amwell Tit by Rivertay
Amwell Tit, a photo by Rivertay on Flickr.


Fulmar by ReynirSk
Fulmar, a photo by ReynirSk on Flickr.

Mother Nature at work

Outgoing Teal

Outgoing Teal by Jeff Dyck
Outgoing Teal, a photo by Jeff Dyck on Flickr.

A spider, some poppies and a daisy or two

Common Ground Dove

Common Ground Dove by Jeff Dyck
Common Ground Dove, a photo by Jeff Dyck on Flickr.

White-collared Kingfisher

White-collared Kingfisher by SARhounds
White-collared Kingfisher, a photo by SARhounds on Flickr.

Green Quarry (DSC_0166)

Green Quarry  (DSC_0166) by Schristia
Green Quarry (DSC_0166), a photo by Schristia on Flickr.

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