domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

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Untitled by Rolandas So
Untitled, a photo by Rolandas So on Flickr.

Everes argiades

Everes argiades by Alwinwu
Everes argiades, a photo by Alwinwu on Flickr.

Garcinia Prainiana or Button Mangosteen... a rare fruit's beautiful bloom!

'Soft & Fluffy'

'Soft & Fluffy' by Kevin Council
'Soft & Fluffy', a photo by Kevin Council on Flickr.

paesaggi alpini

paesaggi alpini by galadh_007
paesaggi alpini, a photo by galadh_007 on Flickr.

Pond Reflections - Foliage

Ma douce Poussy

Ma douce Poussy by Jogabi-Michèle
Ma douce Poussy, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Have A Great Thursday

Have A Great Thursday by alanj2007
Have A Great Thursday, a photo by alanj2007 on Flickr.

quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

Rufous Treepie

Rufous Treepie by masaiwarrior
Rufous Treepie, a photo by masaiwarrior on Flickr.

When looks can kill!! (view large)

Tiny flowers at the watery heart of a purple Bromeliad


The Mariners(3)

The Mariners(3) by john47kent
The Mariners(3), a photo by john47kent on Flickr.

Lunch for the Little One

Lunch for the Little One by Renda ...
Lunch for the Little One, a photo by Renda ... on Flickr.

Out for a Quick Bite (here - And there...)

Pale pink tulips against White Birch. View on black.

Reims : l'accès aux caves Pommery

chestnut bud

chestnut bud by atsjebosma
chestnut bud, a photo by atsjebosma on Flickr.

Newly arrived Scarlet Tanager

Harlequin Duck

Harlequin Duck by ReynirSk
Harlequin Duck, a photo by ReynirSk on Flickr.


terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Pied Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher by joysmith7mr
Pied Kingfisher, a photo by joysmith7mr on Flickr.


rose by berber hoving
rose, a photo by berber hoving on Flickr.

Blue Dragonfly in reflected blue pond world

Togwotee Pass

Togwotee Pass by bhophotos
Togwotee Pass, a photo by bhophotos on Flickr.

Peacock dance

Peacock dance by -clicking-
Peacock dance, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

Standing Alone

Marsh Pond Series #19, Tallahassee, FL


Stream by -clicking-
Stream, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

20120415. Crying crocuses. 6138.


Flaunting beauty

Flaunting beauty by -clicking-
Flaunting beauty, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

Wood Duck Drake

Wood Duck Drake by Jeff Dyck
Wood Duck Drake, a photo by Jeff Dyck on Flickr.

entre champ et bois

entre champ et bois by ghost_67
entre champ et bois, a photo by ghost_67 on Flickr.

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Syzygium Samarangense

Syzygium Samarangense by -clicking-
Syzygium Samarangense, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

20120415. Crocuses. 6513.

20120415. Crocuses. 6513. by Tiina Gill
20120415. Crocuses. 6513., a photo by Tiina Gill on Flickr.

Early Bloom

Early Bloom by switcherMark
Early Bloom, a photo by switcherMark on Flickr.

In a Moss Garden

IMG_9350 Snow Geese Blast-Off, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

Mrs. Blackbird

Mrs. Blackbird by Rivertay
Mrs. Blackbird, a photo by Rivertay on Flickr.


hunter by ZdenaB
hunter, a photo by ZdenaB on Flickr.

20120415. Crying crocuses. 6040.

Swamp Deer Youngster

Swamp Deer Youngster by masaiwarrior
Swamp Deer Youngster, a photo by masaiwarrior on Flickr.


Tulip by myu-myu
Tulip, a photo by myu-myu on Flickr.


Vinci by Minet The Cat (mostly OFF)
Vinci, a photo by Minet The Cat (mostly OFF) on Flickr.


Margay by home77_Pascale
Margay, a photo by home77_Pascale on Flickr.