segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

Walking San Pietro

Walking San Pietro by David Morse
Walking San Pietro, a photo by David Morse on Flickr.

Flying away..

Flying away.. by Plaithy
Flying away.., a photo by Plaithy on Flickr.

Rochester Cathedral (Not H.D.R.)

Shadows and dew

Shadows and dew by yvonnepay615
Shadows and dew, a photo by yvonnepay615 on Flickr.

Sem título

Untitled by Peterzpham
Untitled, a photo by Peterzpham on Flickr.

Power of orange

Power of orange by Passie13
Power of orange, a photo by Passie13 on Flickr.

Sem título

Untitled by Kevin Council
Untitled, a photo by Kevin Council on Flickr.

Piercing Abyeyes

Piercing Abyeyes by ziprina
Piercing Abyeyes, a photo by ziprina on Flickr.

Fall color in the scenic San Juan Mountains... Colorado

Mallard Hen

Mallard Hen by NCprofessor2008
Mallard Hen, a photo by NCprofessor2008 on Flickr.

IMG_6353 Sandhill Crane, Bosque del Apache NWR

Abendstimmung im Schwangau.

Abendstimmung im Schwangau. by Haldorfer
Abendstimmung im Schwangau., a photo by Haldorfer on Flickr.

Lumière automnale

Lumière automnale by Excalibur67
Lumière automnale, a photo by Excalibur67 on Flickr.

sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011


Cardinal by Bailey Rd
Cardinal, a photo by Bailey Rd on Flickr.

Hacklebarney State Park 3(HDR)


Pink by Ahsan.
Pink, a photo by Ahsan. on Flickr.

IMG_7715 Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park

sparrow and cardinal


IMG_1801 by goodfriend19
IMG_1801, a photo by goodfriend19 on Flickr.

Queen on tiny white Scorpion Tail

My boy

My boy by kiwibyrd1
My boy, a photo by kiwibyrd1 on Flickr.

Nature's Art

Nature's Art by avilo
Nature's Art, a photo by avilo on Flickr.

Sem título

Untitled by Ahsan.
Untitled, a photo by Ahsan. on Flickr.

Hot Pad

Pontile sul Trasimeno

Pontile sul Trasimeno by Luigi Alesi
Pontile sul Trasimeno, a photo by Luigi Alesi on Flickr.


Starlight by Passie13
Starlight, a photo by Passie13 on Flickr.

large cormorant in flight

Red on Shed

Red on Shed by Jan 130
Red on Shed, a photo by Jan 130 on Flickr.

And the Wheel Keeps Turning

Tanzania, Africa, Maasai Mara, Secretary Bird

da qui controllo tutto..

Up in the air

Up in the air by tomato umlaut
Up in the air, a photo by tomato umlaut on Flickr.

IMG_3838 Elk Meadow, Redwood National and State Parks


explore.... by berber hoving
explore...., a photo by berber hoving on Flickr.


GONE WITH THE WIND by Jack o' Lantern
GONE WITH THE WIND, a photo by Jack o' Lantern on Flickr.

quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Bee in Paradise

Bee in Paradise by Jack o' Lantern
Bee in Paradise, a photo by Jack o' Lantern on Flickr.

Oct-11-Apple Hill-4ps

Oct-11-Apple Hill-4ps by Dopetastic-Pix
Oct-11-Apple Hill-4ps, a photo by Dopetastic-Pix on Flickr.

Beyond exotic...outrageous Cannonball tree and flowers!


Potentilla by john47kent
Potentilla, a photo by john47kent on Flickr.

Gull in the North Sea

Gull in the North Sea by mamietherese1
Gull in the North Sea, a photo by mamietherese1 on Flickr.


Autumn by ellenc995
Autumn, a photo by ellenc995 on Flickr.

terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Variable Oriole (Encontro)

Variable Oriole (Encontro) by Fabio Rage
Variable Oriole (Encontro), a photo by Fabio Rage on Flickr.

Evian : les fontaines musicales - 4

Just wanna be, your Teddy Bear


whie_eye by goodfriend19
whie_eye, a photo by goodfriend19 on Flickr.

Pradidali (Dolomiti, Italy)


(DSC_0099_100_101) by Schristia
(DSC_0099_100_101), a photo by Schristia on Flickr.

Autumn, Kralingse Plas

Autumn, Kralingse Plas by BraCom (Bram)
Autumn, Kralingse Plas, a photo by BraCom (Bram) on Flickr.

Love this Red Beauty ~