quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011

Another Manito Park Beauty 3

Chatham Maritime(2)

Chatham Maritime(2) by john47kent
Chatham Maritime(2), a photo by john47kent on Flickr.


20110925_0131 by rsjaffe
20110925_0131, a photo by rsjaffe on Flickr.

Narciso (Pradidali, Dolomiti)

OCCHI A STRISCE Syrphidae Eristalinus taeniops

Sora in the Reeds

Sora in the Reeds by Jeff Dyck
Sora in the Reeds, a photo by Jeff Dyck on Flickr.

Cape Flattery Sunset-

Cape Flattery Sunset- by gladner
Cape Flattery Sunset-, a photo by gladner on Flickr.

Im watching you......

Im watching you...... by babygreys
Im watching you......, a photo by babygreys on Flickr.

quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011

Winter Sunrise at Morant's Curve - Happy Birthday Jerry!

Alhambra by Night...

Alhambra by Night... by ZbigD
Alhambra by Night..., a photo by ZbigD on Flickr.

Dolceacqua (Borgo medievale - Medieval village)

Gambel's Quail Hen

Gambel's Quail Hen by Jeff Dyck
Gambel's Quail Hen, a photo by Jeff Dyck on Flickr.

Jonathan Livingston

Jonathan Livingston by Polježičanin
Jonathan Livingston, a photo by Polježičanin on Flickr.

曼珠沙華( Red spider lily)

Sandanbeki, Wakayama, Japan

Sandanbeki, Wakayama, Japan by blanc530
Sandanbeki, Wakayama, Japan, a photo by blanc530 on Flickr.

Touch (sporsho)

Touch (sporsho) by Ahsan.
Touch (sporsho), a photo by Ahsan. on Flickr.


Daffodil by Ahsan.
Daffodil, a photo by Ahsan. on Flickr.

Sunset 11

Sunset 11 by platypus51/jp
Sunset 11, a photo by platypus51/jp on Flickr.


Dragonfly by T.takako
Dragonfly, a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

Alive and Kicking!

Alive and Kicking! by john47kent
Alive and Kicking!, a photo by john47kent on Flickr.

segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Cliff Flycatcher (Gibão de couro)

Valley of the hills

Valley of the hills by ratn_kumbh
Valley of the hills, a photo by ratn_kumbh on Flickr.


Skagafjördur by Jesús Gabán
Skagafjördur, a photo by Jesús Gabán on Flickr.

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Somewhere Beyond the Sea by SunnyDazzled
Somewhere Beyond the Sea, a photo by SunnyDazzled on Flickr.


Cascade  by avilo
Cascade , a photo by avilo on Flickr.


Espinhel by Pedro César André
Espinhel, a photo by Pedro César André on Flickr.

IMG_4827 Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon National Park

Giraffe Talk

Giraffe Talk by scilit
Giraffe Talk, a photo by scilit on Flickr.

Hear That?

Bales in the mist

Bales in the mist by yvonnepay615
Bales in the mist, a photo by yvonnepay615 on Flickr.

Autumn is setting in

Autumn is setting in  by M.Shafiq
Autumn is setting in , a photo by M.Shafiq on Flickr.

Snake Sculpture

Snake Sculpture by ellenc995
Snake Sculpture, a photo by ellenc995 on Flickr.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily by Ahsan.
Peace Lily, a photo by Ahsan. on Flickr.


wales by monkeys mooey
wales, a photo by monkeys mooey on Flickr.

The Road Less Traveled-Sunrise at Abraham Lake

Sky Ranger photo_8

Sky Ranger photo_8 by Varvara_R
Sky Ranger photo_8, a photo by Varvara_R on Flickr.

ONE PYRAMID at College Park | 110912-1944-jikatu


Dawn(Sunrise) by T.takako
Dawn(Sunrise), a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

Clouds Over The Exshaw Cut

Clouds Over The Exshaw Cut by johnfuj
Clouds Over The Exshaw Cut, a photo by johnfuj on Flickr.


cardinal by Wizoc
cardinal, a photo by Wizoc on Flickr.

Mangrove Skipper is sipping nectar from a sunny lavender Buddleja

Cloudless Sulphurs were actually sitting still enough to get a shot!

Happy weekend!

Happy weekend! by Plaithy
Happy weekend!, a photo by Plaithy on Flickr.