domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014

Mt Adams from Jordan Basin, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Lewis County, Washington

House sparrow

IMG_0536 Ghost Trees at Winter Sunset, Yellowstone National Park

This is my happy and my ball.

Lastoni di Formin e Croda da Lago al tramonto da Col Duro

Blue Glory

Blue Glory by Shotz by TCreates
Blue Glory, a photo by Shotz by TCreates on Flickr.

Is that my diet for the new year ???

Tiny bright Atala on large crinkly leaf!

bunch of flowers.....

bunch of flowers..... by berber hoving
bunch of flowers....., a photo by berber hoving on Flickr.

Acadia National Park, Maine


macaw by Zsuzsa Poór
macaw, a photo by Zsuzsa Poór on Flickr.


Friends by Mª José Encarnação
Friends, a photo by Mª José Encarnação on Flickr.

El Teide desde el Observatorio

Red-breasted Merganser with Fish in Throat


菊(Chrysanthemum) by T.takako
菊(Chrysanthemum), a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

American Kestrel (female), Bosque del Apache NWR, New Mexico

Post life

Post life by Robert R Grove 2
Post life, a photo by Robert R Grove 2 on Flickr.


Weir by Phil @WY
Weir, a photo by Phil @WY on Flickr.

Cold Grazing

Cold Grazing by Phil @WY
Cold Grazing, a photo by Phil @WY on Flickr.

Geai bleu - Blue Jay Entre-Lacs Déc 2013 117


Fussel by Vasquezz
Fussel, a photo by Vasquezz on Flickr.

Fun in crashing waves....

Fun in crashing waves.... by babygreys
Fun in crashing waves...., a photo by babygreys on Flickr.

♥ Pansies ♥

♥ Pansies ♥ by yoko.wannwannmaru
♥ Pansies ♥, a photo by yoko.wannwannmaru on Flickr.

Petit moineau - Little Sparrow

Red-shouldered Hawk Close Encounter

Anyone for a good roll in the grass??

domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013

New Dawn

New Dawn by dbushue
New Dawn, a photo by dbushue on Flickr.

030 Sunset in St. Maarten

Whistlers Mountain 1

Whistlers Mountain 1 by ojo55
Whistlers Mountain 1, a photo by ojo55 on Flickr.

Purple Vanda buds about to burst

Nette rousse Netta rufina - Red-crested Pochard

Colibri à gorge rubis Femelle - Ruby throated Hummingbird Female... Lasalle 14 Sept 2013 058

Rufescent Tiger Heron In Water Lilies in Brazil (Explored)

Grand Héron - Great blue Heron.. Lasalle 13 Sept 2013 106

Mon petit coeur de Poussy

Fynn (again)

Fynn (again) by FocusPocus Photography
Fynn (again), a photo by FocusPocus Photography on Flickr.

White Horse on the Prairie

White Horse on the Prairie by Kay Marti
White Horse on the Prairie, a photo by Kay Marti on Flickr.

A Matched Pair _O

A Matched Pair _O by KkleinRN
A Matched Pair _O, a photo by KkleinRN on Flickr.

Hummingbird 21

Hummingbird 21 by gladner
Hummingbird 21, a photo by gladner on Flickr.

Aigrette garzette Egretta garzetta - Little Egret

Ma rouquine Poussy

Ma rouquine Poussy by Jogabi-Michèle
Ma rouquine Poussy, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Vole petite plume !

Vole petite plume ! by Jogabi-Michèle
Vole petite plume !, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Grand Héron - Great blue Heron Lasalle 26 Avril 2013 0282


Buckshot. by petlover44
Buckshot., a photo by petlover44 on Flickr.