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Dawn by yvonnepay615
Dawn, a photo by yvonnepay615 on Flickr.

Swan on the Lake

Fall in NY State

Fall in NY State by SA_Steve
Fall in NY State, a photo by SA_Steve on Flickr.

Un merle sur fond de paysage du printemps passé

Song Sparrow, Ware, MA

Song Sparrow, Ware, MA by Janaswamy
Song Sparrow, Ware, MA, a photo by Janaswamy on Flickr.

Laguna Hedionda 2

Laguna Hedionda 2 by Jesús Gabán
Laguna Hedionda 2, a photo by Jesús Gabán on Flickr.

Tampa Bay Duck

Tampa Bay Duck by stan hope
Tampa Bay Duck, a photo by stan hope on Flickr.

Inverpolly in Autumn.

Inverpolly in Autumn. by Gordie Broon.
Inverpolly in Autumn., a photo by Gordie Broon. on Flickr.


Clouds. by gos1959
Clouds., a photo by gos1959 on Flickr.

Hold on, baby... I'm coming!!!

Selva dei Molini (Mühlwald): Lago di Meggina mt.1.220 s.l.m. (Val Pusteria - Valle Aurina)

Goodbye Summer!

Goodbye Summer! by kontinova2
Goodbye Summer!, a photo by kontinova2 on Flickr.

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw by masaiwarrior
Hyacinth Macaw, a photo by masaiwarrior on Flickr.

red flowers on black, Flamboyanzinho, flor-de-pavão ou flamboyant-mirim (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

Fifty shades of grey

Fifty shades of grey by sarniebill1
Fifty shades of grey, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.

Lazy Afternoon

Lazy Afternoon by Roofer 1
Lazy Afternoon, a photo by Roofer 1 on Flickr.

Autumn time..

Seeing Double

Seeing Double by Pat L.314
Seeing Double, a photo by Pat L.314 on Flickr.


Squirrel by cruisersoo
Squirrel, a photo by cruisersoo on Flickr.

At the edge of the woods

At the edge of  the woods by sarniebill1
At the edge of the woods, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.

African Scops owl

African Scops owl by sarniebill1
African Scops owl, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.


Cfor by ellengarth
Cfor, a photo by ellengarth on Flickr.

Cascade - Waterfall

Cascade - Waterfall by eddy112358
Cascade - Waterfall, a photo by eddy112358 on Flickr.


Robin by 4harmony2
Robin, a photo by 4harmony2 on Flickr.


Summertime by MarieFrance Boisvert
Summertime, a photo by MarieFrance Boisvert on Flickr.

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

Lago di Braies - Pragser Wildsee, mt.1.496 s.l.m

NOT a bar! Liverpool

NOT a bar! Liverpool by Night-Sky
NOT a bar! Liverpool, a photo by Night-Sky on Flickr.

Beautiful Bird - B&G Macaw

From the archives [Explored]


101112_01 by Enjoy Every Sandwich
101112_01, a photo by Enjoy Every Sandwich on Flickr.

Foggy Mountain Road #6189e

Foggy Mountain Road #6189e by VBeaudry
Foggy Mountain Road #6189e, a photo by VBeaudry on Flickr.

Sera sul lago

Sera sul lago by mirella cotella
Sera sul lago, a photo by mirella cotella on Flickr.

Putting the Brakes On

Putting the Brakes On by Jeff Dyck
Putting the Brakes On, a photo by Jeff Dyck on Flickr.

What the heck is this ?

3 Dairy Cows

3 Dairy Cows by scilit
3 Dairy Cows, a photo by scilit on Flickr.

--Am So Yellow----Here is too a Bright and Sunny Wedesday Everyone--

All Lined Up

All Lined Up by john47kent
All Lined Up, a photo by john47kent on Flickr.

Long eared owl

Long eared owl by sarniebill1
Long eared owl, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.

Behind you----- Balrema

Behind you-----  Balrema by sarniebill1
Behind you----- Balrema, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.

Shikra, Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan, India

A Bit Of A Storm

A Bit Of A Storm by john47kent
A Bit Of A Storm, a photo by john47kent on Flickr.

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You Are In My Space !! { Andean Emerald }

Symmetry 2

Symmetry 2 by ojo55
Symmetry 2, a photo by ojo55 on Flickr.


Foursome by ojo55
Foursome, a photo by ojo55 on Flickr.

Autumn Sunrise at the Riverside (Explore # 120 October 7 2012)

Great blue Heron - Grand Héron 4 Oct 2012 0023

Greeting the Dawn

Greeting the Dawn by ojo55
Greeting the Dawn, a photo by ojo55 on Flickr.


Tritón_4 by Manu Cabaleiro
Tritón_4, a photo by Manu Cabaleiro on Flickr.

Nellie Jingle-Bells

Nellie Jingle-Bells by Anita Noon
Nellie Jingle-Bells, a photo by Anita Noon on Flickr.

Chicago, Ravenswood, Pink Hydrangea