quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2012

Une mouette sur décor automnal

Lastoi de Formin

Lastoi de Formin by -samuel-
Lastoi de Formin, a photo by -samuel- on Flickr.


SUNSET IN SVEDEN 1 by Davide Comotti
SUNSET IN SVEDEN 1, a photo by Davide Comotti on Flickr.

It's that way !

Alpe di Siusi, Seiser Alm (2000 mt.)

Still lovely

Still lovely by FocusPocus Photography
Still lovely, a photo by FocusPocus Photography on Flickr.

IMG_3331 Dana Meadows, Yosemite National Park

Wading, Waiting, and Watching - Bosque del Apache

Terento (Terenten) - Rifugio Lago di Pausa - Tiefrastenhutte (2312m)

Keep looking, it's there somewhere !

Ragwort (Oxford)

Sem título

Untitled by Peterzpham
Untitled, a photo by Peterzpham on Flickr.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron by Luke Horsten
Grey Heron, a photo by Luke Horsten on Flickr.

Start of a grey Saterday

Mésanges charbonnières

Beauté Féline ou Chocoline

Civetta versante Sud

Civetta versante Sud by -samuel-
Civetta versante Sud, a photo by -samuel- on Flickr.

Harbour´s red light

Harbour´s red light by Polježičanin
Harbour´s red light, a photo by Polježičanin on Flickr.


Pine by kontinova2 OFF
Pine, a photo by kontinova2 OFF on Flickr.

Moose in water (106a)

Moose in water (106a) by moelynphotos
Moose in water (106a), a photo by moelynphotos on Flickr.

Northern Pronghorn - AZ Game & Fish Winner

Парад облаков / Wolkenparade / Clouds Show

Toco Toucan Portrait

Toco Toucan Portrait by masaiwarrior
Toco Toucan Portrait, a photo by masaiwarrior on Flickr.


Reptiel by wjpostma
Reptiel, a photo by wjpostma on Flickr.

quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

Lago di Endine - L'autunno ci regala gli ultimi tratti del suo magico pennello. (Autumn gives us the last lines of his magic brush.)

Jay close up

Brilliant Water Lily

Brilliant Water Lily by -clicking-
Brilliant Water Lily, a photo by -clicking- on Flickr.

I don't want to..

I don't want to.. by ~Ranveig Marie~
I don't want to.., a photo by ~Ranveig Marie~ on Flickr.


Vos by uiltje50
Vos, a photo by uiltje50 on Flickr.

Chicago, Irving Park Squirrel


ep-2 by Enn Raav
ep-2, a photo by Enn Raav on Flickr.


Bignonia by Mar.Sa88
Bignonia, a photo by Mar.Sa88 on Flickr.

Path to the unknown ...

Path to the unknown ... by mariola aga
Path to the unknown ..., a photo by mariola aga on Flickr.

Carbis Bay And Hotel,St.Ives Bay,Cornwall

Alba sul Po 3

Alba sul Po 3 by totthebest
Alba sul Po 3, a photo by totthebest on Flickr.

Autumn Scene 2

Autumn Scene 2 by pkefali
Autumn Scene 2, a photo by pkefali on Flickr.

Yellow hibiscus

Yellow hibiscus by Valko61
Yellow hibiscus, a photo by Valko61 on Flickr.

sun and trees

sun and trees by atsjebosma
sun and trees, a photo by atsjebosma on Flickr.

Kleine boze Rode Panda

Kleine boze Rode Panda by uiltje50
Kleine boze Rode Panda, a photo by uiltje50 on Flickr.

Cervo - Cervus elaphus - Red Deer

Autumn with Goose

Fall in the Smoky Mountains... iPhone!

A Shy Robin

A Shy Robin by karlentwm
A Shy Robin, a photo by karlentwm on Flickr.

Héron cendré

Héron cendré by Jogabi-Michèle
Héron cendré, a photo by Jogabi-Michèle on Flickr.

Lago di Braies - Pragser Wildsee, mt.1.496 s.l.m

prima che arrivi la pioggia

prima che arrivi la pioggia by leowincy
prima che arrivi la pioggia, a photo by leowincy on Flickr.

Rosy pink Dombeya is being pollinated by busy bees

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw by masaiwarrior
Hyacinth Macaw, a photo by masaiwarrior on Flickr.

Searching for new green

Searching for new green by Rosmarie Wirz
Searching for new green, a photo by Rosmarie Wirz on Flickr.

The Monal Pheasant

The Monal Pheasant by goodfriend19
The Monal Pheasant, a photo by goodfriend19 on Flickr.