quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

Cuban Brown Anole with "strawberry" dewlap for attracting and repelling

~ On the Inside Looking Out ~

Gaiser Conservatory Beauty

Pieve - Tremosine - Lago di Garda

20120209. Kabala. Vigala river. 3590.

Feb 2012 317 Iris reticulata and snowdrops

A Winter Memory

A Winter Memory by dahil ŧ
A Winter Memory, a photo by dahil ŧ on Flickr.

Oops, snake sunning in Aristolochia Vine on a cold morning!


Sunset,Toroni,Sitonia,Greece by olivye
Sunset,Toroni,Sitonia,Greece, a photo by olivye on Flickr.

Can you spot the fly?

Can you spot the fly? by leifolsen
Can you spot the fly?, a photo by leifolsen on Flickr.

Castanheiros (XL)

Castanheiros (XL) by Transmontano
Castanheiros (XL), a photo by Transmontano on Flickr.

Wild beauty

Wild beauty by FlavioPimentel
Wild beauty, a photo by FlavioPimentel on Flickr.

With mam......

20120209. Kabala. Vigala river. 3500. 1.

segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

Staller Sattel, view to the lake "Antholzer See", South Tyrol, Italy

Toblacher See, South Tyrol, Italy

Nice Cote azur

Nice Cote azur by antony51
Nice Cote azur, a photo by antony51 on Flickr.

Barca ed il castello con la torre in restauro " Trezzo Sull'Adda Castle and power plant "

Black Mount, Scotland

Delicate Pink Begonia petals and golden pollen clusters

Boulder Island in Boulder Bay - Big Bear Lake

Sem título

Untitled by Peterzpham
Untitled, a photo by Peterzpham on Flickr.

Lộc xuân

Lộc xuân by Ha Hai
Lộc xuân, a photo by Ha Hai on Flickr.

You Are One In A Million

You Are One In A Million by lindscatt
You Are One In A Million, a photo by lindscatt on Flickr.

popping out , explored!

popping out , explored! by bugman11
popping out , explored!, a photo by bugman11 on Flickr.

20120209. Kabala. Vigala river. 3544.

cardeal-do-nordeste, galo-da-campina (Paroaria dominicana)

Deep Thought

Deep Thought by penelope perkins
Deep Thought, a photo by penelope perkins on Flickr.

Magnificent Ruddy Daggerwing is nectaring on Florida Holly flowers

Nostalgie de l'automne

Nostalgie de l'automne by Excalibur67
Nostalgie de l'automne, a photo by Excalibur67 on Flickr.

domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

Bayinbuluke China

Bayinbuluke China by lwtt93
Bayinbuluke China, a photo by lwtt93 on Flickr.

Can you spot the fly?

Can you spot the fly? by leifolsen
Can you spot the fly?, a photo by leifolsen on Flickr.

Motney Hill

Motney Hill by john47kent
Motney Hill, a photo by john47kent on Flickr.


haubenmeise by alexandra.macnaughton
haubenmeise, a photo by alexandra.macnaughton on Flickr.

David Austen Rose

David Austen Rose by 1959 Fossil
David Austen Rose, a photo by 1959 Fossil on Flickr.


Harmonie by JMVerco
Harmonie, a photo by JMVerco on Flickr.

Green-throated Carib

Green-throated Carib by Denise Caron
Green-throated Carib, a photo by Denise Caron on Flickr.

sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

A sunny winterday

A sunny winterday by HJsfoto
A sunny winterday, a photo by HJsfoto on Flickr.

~No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings ~

Sparta, our rescued seal point.

Blue Lace

Blue Lace by T.takako
Blue Lace, a photo by T.takako on Flickr.

Green Dragonfly... high tech at its best!

Deer park 2, Bakkum

Deer park 2, Bakkum by Meino NL
Deer park 2, Bakkum, a photo by Meino NL on Flickr.

Is it Spring? Oh no it is winter

20120209. Kabala. Vigala river. 3324.

Ramphocelus flammigerus female (Llamarada)

Harfang des neige (b&w) / Snowy owl (b&w)

Fuchsia II

Fuchsia II by wjpostma
Fuchsia II, a photo by wjpostma on Flickr.

Foggy Retreat

Foggy Retreat by John M. Kennedy
Foggy Retreat, a photo by John M. Kennedy on Flickr.


MOTHERS ROSE by Stephanie Patricia
MOTHERS ROSE, a photo by Stephanie Patricia on Flickr.