quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Azules del Sur...Republica Dominicana

IMG_4935 "Fire In the Night"

"The Bothy" *

"The Bothy"  * by apwilliam
"The Bothy" *, a photo by apwilliam on Flickr.

Photon rain

Photon rain by Chief Bwana
Photon rain, a photo by Chief Bwana on Flickr.

IMG_4440 Great Egret, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

Coloured clouds

Coloured clouds by yvonnepay615
Coloured clouds, a photo by yvonnepay615 on Flickr.

Red-crested Pochard (Netta rufina) Explore 179

The Rose

The Rose by Phlipp D
The Rose, a photo by Phlipp D on Flickr.

Have a Happy Day!

Kanchenjunga at sunrise

Kanchenjunga at sunrise by tomato umlaut
Kanchenjunga at sunrise, a photo by tomato umlaut on Flickr.

angel baby

angel baby by sugarbear1956
angel baby, a photo by sugarbear1956 on Flickr.

Missing the spring

Missing the spring by vessy.buzz
Missing the spring, a photo by vessy.buzz on Flickr.

20120101. First day of the New Year. The fog. 1431.

Westward from the East

Westward from the East by kontinova*
Westward from the East, a photo by kontinova* on Flickr.

Los Amaneceres del Sur...Dominican Republic

White stork

White stork by M.Shafiq Chandaiser
White stork, a photo by M.Shafiq Chandaiser on Flickr.

IMG_7609 Garden Wall, Glacier National Park

KV 330

Deja Brew

Deja Brew by njk1951
Deja Brew, a photo by njk1951 on Flickr.

Sun Parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis)

Polar sun!

Polar sun! by selenajupiter
Polar sun!, a photo by selenajupiter on Flickr.

sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

Arcoiris de Colores....Dominican Republic

Pour adoucir votre journée ou soirée

The tree in some white

The tree in some white  by jaeschol
The tree in some white , a photo by jaeschol on Flickr.

Believe it... this is an iPhone capture! Colorado's fall splendor...

Cingia Mora ( Parus ater) in flight

Going, going, ... Gone!!

IMG_0986 West Thumb, Yellowstone National Park

20120109. Vigala river in Kabala. 0132. 2.

Mockingbird on Lignum vitae... head turned but alert

Winter has arrived

Hiding my nuts

Hiding my nuts by sarniebill1
Hiding my nuts, a photo by sarniebill1 on Flickr.